Saturday, 21 June 2014

Mixed Media Girls

Hello lovely people,

The artistic side of me has been feeling so happy lately, I've been spending a lot of my time working on mixed media paintings and drawing pretty faces. It's such a joy to be creative.

I think I said it before but here it is again- there is nothing else that feels more right to me than to be creatively messy. In mixed media art there aren't any rules to follow, which is amazing, nothing needs to be planned ahead, it's such a bliss to get involved into. And everybody can do it, right?

What are my favourite mixed media materials and tools? Ink pads and stamps! I love the fact that I get to use all the rubber and lino stamps as well as the mylar stencils that I cut and carved over the past few months, oh and I use punchinella a lot too, it's a great and cheap stencil that saves time as I don't have to cut it out myself.

Neon paper cut outs and neon acrylics! I have collected some lovely neon paper and I often need to stop myself from not overusing them  in my finished paintings, they make my work so fun and colourful. I also love to use the acrylic modeling paste, which when applied over a stencil creates an amazing texture.

I have a small collection to share with you at the moment but it will definitely keep expanding.

The first two are already art prints, they look really good, am so pleased!

Learn from the Brave.

The Beauty of the Butterfly.

 These are originals, a background only and my finished paintings:

Best Friends.

Believe in Love.

Hope is the Thing with Feathers.

Trust Love One More Time.

What do you think of them? I'd love to know your thoughts..