Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Most Comfortable And Flattering Piece Of Clothing

This is by far the most comfortable piece of clothing that I have ever made- the design is so flattering and suits a lot of different body shapes too. The fabrics I used (both medium weight cotton jersey) in salmon orange and light grey are so soft and are great for printing. I hand printed geometric shapes in black, yellow and orange. And added ribbed cuffs, neckline and hem and I have to say it's a very nice and neat looking finish.

Again looks totally different when worn with a belt which gives it more of a shaped waist dress look. 
This time however, I think I prefer it without any belts, just loose and comfy. 


Waist Pleats High Waist And Prints

Skirt and dress season is finally here and I will be making more of those for sure!

This orange high waisted skirt has been hand printed (no surprise there since I love to print so much!^_^) and has front and back waist pleats - that's my favourite detail!

My hair looks so wild, it was quite windy up on that roof! ^_^


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Simple Tunic Dress

Simple straight line tunic is a very versatile shape as it give a lot of room to play around. I love my tunics with belts or elastics to shape the waist.
 The first one was made from a light red fabric with elastic stitched around the waist and a big bow stitched on the side ( I love the bow^_^) :

The red on is from last summer. 
My newest one is made from grey colour lightweight wool blend fabric with tight elastic casing as well as printed fabric side inserts:

  Playing around with details/ fabric choice when using the same simple pattern totally changes the outcome.

Sewing from Drape Drape 2

I love books so much that I often treat myself with them^_^
And when my new Drape Drape 2 book arrived I couldn't wait to start sewing! I chose something simple to start- my first piece of clothing is a vest.

It's a lovely 3 piece draped vest with oversized pockets. It's very comfortable and the fabric I used (heavy weight cotton jersey) it's so soft and warm too.

Pictures from the book itself:

And here is my vest:

I'm standing on top of the roof  where the lighting is great to take pictures. But although the sun was shining so brightly that evening it was quite windy and I was very cold.. Just putting a brave face, am acting as if it was hot cause the vest looks much better with bare arms^_^