Sunday, 18 January 2015

How To Brighten Up Your Days In Winter..

I always struggle with not only finding a coat/ jacket that fits me fine (the sleeves in my size are always too short in those store bought jackets and the fitting in general is just off!), there just aren't any styles and colours that appeal too me in affordable prices. In these kind of situations I feel extremely glad that I can not only draft my own sewing patterns but know how to use a sewing machine as well.^_^

How to brighten up long winter days? Sew/ wear a vibrant piece of clothing!
I've made my own jackets a few times, I altered existing ones by lengthening sleeves in the past.
However, designing and sewing a coat was a little bit more difficult.
I dreamt of a warm, woolen coat and planned to make one for myself for a couple of years. 
I couldn't afford to buy 100% wool fabrics, they are very expensive. I settled for a wool blend fabric instead which, when I think about it now, was a good choice for the design I came up with. 
The oversized collar wraps around the neck and I couldn't handle having prickly wool touching my bare neck! The fabric I chose turned out just perfect, soft and in a great colour too! 
Another thing is- it isn't as warm as wool which is a good thing, meaning the coat can be used in slightly warmer seasons too (here in Scotland it might even be safe to say- all year round ^_^), which, no doubt, makes my coat an investment (Yes, you can say that about clothes^_^ if something was pricey but you wear it often, that's an investment).

And finally here are the pictures...

The coat features:
- warm pockets (they are made of the same green fabric, not lining fabric)
-belt and belt loops ( sewing belt loops was a mission!)
-oversized collar
-lime green wool blend fabric
-fully lined

I hope you like it. ^_^