Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Personalized Designs For Babies

Hello and good afternoon!

What an amazing day we are having here in Edinburgh! The sun is shining and not a cloud in the sky! That's a very rare thing for us! The city always comes alive on days like this! The sun makes it all the more amazing!
I have all the windows open and I am enjoying those sun rays creeping into my studio.
I have lots of sewing to do, very busy and very happy^_^

This morning I was shortening a few vintage maxi dresses and making up skirts on thick black elastics from the cut offs, the change is amazing. But enough about that! I wanted to focus this post on personalized designs that I have been working on lately and share them here.

This is a baby blanket with appliqued name, it's made of heavy cotton with really nice prints, backed with soft baby blue fleece and a contrasting dark blue bias banding. It turned out quite nice, didn't it?

Here is my work in progress:

securing appliqued letters with satin stitch

Attaching bias binding

And here it is!!^_^

And now personalized monkey toy for a new born baby- made of fleece, felt and cotton with hand embroidered name, date and even time! Isn't it just sweet?

Hello!!Here I am!!

And another blanket for a baby girl this time. It has sweet felted creatures stitched onto it and hand embroidered name. What do you think of this one? Cute, huh??

And last but not least baby quilt. Oh so pink!! With appliques and a thick wadding inside, so warm!

Oh what a collection!^_^
There will be more so please come back again.

And in the meantime have a lovely day!



Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Something a bit different

Good afternoon,

Hope you are all well, having a great and productive day!
I have had an early start as there were a lot of things lined up for me to complete today.
I was just on my short break and when browsing the net for a nice read I stumbled upon this amazing article that I would like to post here for everyone to read.

Do you ever get this feeling when you wish you had known what to do at one or another point in your life to avoid unwanted repercussions, had someone to give you a piece of advice when you were a kid?  When I look back on my own life I often wish there was someone there to prepare me for what was to come when I was just starting out my life but then again I know was a stubborn teenager and most likely wouldn't have listened back then anyway.
Of course there is no point in regretting anything that has happened as that leads absolutely nowhere but it's always great to hear an experienced point of view so listen when they speak because you know what?  ''Time is something you’ll never get back''.

It's a great read!


''20 Things I Wish I Had Known When Starting Out in Life''



Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Puppy obsession

Hello and good afternoon!

It's a lovely day here in Edinburgh however this sun shining so brightly today is very deceptive!
I went out without previously checking the temperature,  wearing a light jacket, I grabbed a pair of sunglasses too but oh brrr it's actually freezing! I should have worn a hat and gloves! Those sunglasses definitely didn't keep me warm! So it had only been a short walk and now am back in!

Today I would like to share my new obsession- puppies. I've always loved huskies and dalmatians but after coming across this picture a few days ago my obsession has begun!

 I have been wanting a puppy like this one ever since! Isn't he just the cutest thing ever?
And that red hoodie makes him look so adorable! In fact I can picture myself sewing fashionable and sweet hoodies for him! Oh and I've already picked a name for my puppy too- Diego^_^

I've been browsing amazing handmade puppy versions on Etsy.
 I'm sharing with you just a few of my favourites:

Oh so sweet!!!

Oh so artistic

Oh so cuddly

Oh so vintage
Oh so lovely
Oh so warm
Oh aren't they all so sweet?!?  I hope now we are all obsessed with puppies if not the real ones then those so unique that have been handmade with lots love !^_^

Have a lovely day!



P.S Having read a bit more about Huskies sadly I have to admit I don't qualify to own one just yet, they require so much space( as they are very energetic!) which I don't have as I live in a small flat and apparently they -like all the other puppies- love to chew clothes etc and I would be constantly worried about my fabric collections!And my creations..
So in the meantime I'll stick to admiring the puppy in the hoodie from the picture.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Amazing textile art..and the cat!

Hello hello and happy Valentines everyone!^_^

Whatever you do may this day and every day of the year be filled with LOVE!

I'm sitting by the window trying to focus on typing this post, there is a cat outside that I see everyday and it's making me laugh right now! It's got this funny look- white paws (all four of them!) and they look like tiny shoes, grey round body and I am thinking -a stroll is definitely not what that cat needs! More like a dog-cat chase to lose some weight! ^_^

Anyway distractions aside I've been browsing blogs today looking for inspiring works and images and came across this post with an amazing collection of mixed media textile arts. Truly beautiful.

I studied Textiles and I loved it so much and often look through my portfolio with such a sentiment, I really miss doing Textiles but somehow I find it quite difficult at the moment to stop sewing clothes etc and go wild with collages and mixed media again..maybe I am put off by the mess that would create haha.
This work is one of my portfolios piece- mixed media art.

I remember my hands and clothes being stained in all sort of things afterwards! Wax, ink, paint, soft and oil pastels.. It was a nice and satisfying feeling though so I will definitely be getting messy again^_^ I bought this brilliant and inspiring book lately, I love it! I've forgotten so many techniques already and the book is a great reminder!

Ok I'm gonna shoot now. The cat is still lazying about outside so I'm gonna take an advantage of the sunny spell before it goes away and join it!
Have a wonderful day!



Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The beginning of MyColourfulTexture

Hello lovely people!

How is your week going? It seems winter is endless this year, doesn't it? We had a little bit of snow here in Edinburgh today but it's all gone now.

Anyway I thought I woud share a short story with you- about the beginning of MyColourfulTexture^_^

MyColourfultexture was born in August 2011 when I also opened my online shop on Etsy. The idea was quite straightforward and simple- to set up a small brand that makes and sells baby clothes- what else can be as cute and as colourful? That was why my dear friend Juliana from DeSygnMe and I sat down to design a bright and sweet logo for MyClourfulTexture. And it is so beautiful: 

by DeSygnMe

I have to say it was quite naïve of me to believe that I would just stick with one category, yes it would have be very simple but unfortunately I don’t think I was designed to live a simple life^_^.
Sometimes I wish I could just come up with a design that represents me and MyColourfulTexture, like Dior and Channel, or lots of doll makers out there- I look at their blogs and Etsy shops at those beautiful, amazing creatures and feel I should have that signature look about my work too! The problem is I seem to get bored doing things one way and always change and experiment with other possibilities. Well this is who I am and I guess I will just have to embrace that for now^_^

Going back to the beginning- even though I bought lots of colourful fabrics, books and patterns to make baby clothes I quickly discovered that I wanted to make home decorations and then dolls and toys too- which my blue logo would still be ok for but then I also wanted to go back to women’s fashion and provide alteration services. Suddenly my blue logo looked too childish, not representing all that I would like MyColourfulTexture to stand for. So a few days ago my friend Juliana and I had another chat and equally decided it’s time for a change.  
Juliana is a very talented graphic designer and her designs always meet my expectations, she seems to know what I want more than I am able to express in words or graphic language. Today she sent me a few designs:

by DeSygnMe

by DeSygnMe

by DeSygnMe
by DeSygnMe

by DeSygnMe

And oh how much I loved them all!!

I had been playing with them, trying different looks here on my blog, my Etsy shop as well as my Facebook Page.
And now after finally having chosen one I feel as if not only my brand but also I as a person have been reborn, it’s a funny feeling!^_^
You can view Juliana's fantastic portfolio and other services she offers on her website DeSygnMe here.

Have a lovely evening everyone!