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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Something a bit different

Good afternoon,

Hope you are all well, having a great and productive day!
I have had an early start as there were a lot of things lined up for me to complete today.
I was just on my short break and when browsing the net for a nice read I stumbled upon this amazing article that I would like to post here for everyone to read.

Do you ever get this feeling when you wish you had known what to do at one or another point in your life to avoid unwanted repercussions, had someone to give you a piece of advice when you were a kid?  When I look back on my own life I often wish there was someone there to prepare me for what was to come when I was just starting out my life but then again I know was a stubborn teenager and most likely wouldn't have listened back then anyway.
Of course there is no point in regretting anything that has happened as that leads absolutely nowhere but it's always great to hear an experienced point of view so listen when they speak because you know what?  ''Time is something you’ll never get back''.

It's a great read!


''20 Things I Wish I Had Known When Starting Out in Life''