Sunday, 18 October 2015

Drape Drape Striped Dress

Hello hello,

Taking a stroll down memory lane today.. 
Looking through the files on my computer the other day I noticed that I still had some fashion outfits to share on here. Happy times!!

The photographs have been taken back in summer. I remember that day and how unbearably hot it was and how I longed for the shade and the shoot to be over. And now looking back I'd love to feel the heat on my skin if even for a brief moment. We're in mid October and in Scotland that means it is COLD!!!

The first striped dress is made of jersey and the pattern comes from the lovely Drape Drape book...

This is the design. It look very short, more like a vest, I had to lengthen it to achieve my desired look. I also added the same pleat to the other side of the dress.

Here is my version.... Jersey draped dress styled with fuchsia pink leather obi belt and gladiator sandals (may I add the comfiest pair of shoes I've ever owned!!)

I had had my hair done earlier on that same day and the colour is still so vibrant. Love it!!

Side drape close up..

The second dress is made of jersey too with lace shoulder detail and lace hem. It's just a simple 
H line design with short sleeves...

I like to pair it with shorts, worn as a top, one side tucked in..

Thank you for visiting.