Monday, 17 June 2013

Time to carve some rubber stamps!

Happy Monday evening!

I have definitely fallen in love with hand printing.
In the past few days I have been carving rubber stamps and I couldn't stop! ^_^
The whole process- from carving to stamping is much easier and more enjoyable than carving linoleum.
Stamped impressions on fabrics look more precise too.
The rubber doesn't crumble or break and therefore allows you to carve in smaller details, it's so soft too. When I carved lino stamps I cut myself a few time cause it was so hard..
Rubber blocks are a bit more expensive but for what you get it's worth it!

Ok now it's time to share some for the results!^_^

Flowers stamped with rubber stamps on kitchen towels
 (I made this kitchen towel as a gift for my mum, hope she likes it!^_^):

And as a comparison flowers stamped with lino stamps (this is also for my mum^_^) :

And here I was totally experimenting with new designs. 
Carving doll stamps:

Stamps on fabrics. First just plain  in black ink on two different backgrounds and then with hand painted colours added in:

That's it! What do you think of my experiments? I would love to hear from you^_^



Sunday, 16 June 2013

My Red Dress


I hope you've had a fantastic and relaxing weekend!

A while ago back in cold spring I made a pretty red dress for myself.. Recently we have been having a really nice weather over here in Edinburgh and so I managed to wear it outside. The sun was shining so brightly one day and I walked around town showing off my pretty red dress!^_^

Well I hope you guys like it too^_^

Gosia xxx

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Jersey- my favourite fabric

Good evening!

I had been experimenting with jersey fabric for a while with mostly not too goo results. That's all in the past now, I seem to finally got it right and sewing knit fabrics is no longer a nightmare! Yupi!
I am so so happy!
The trick is to use a right needle, right foot and a right stitch.
What works for me is- STRETCH NEEDLE, WALKING FOOT (luckily my Bernina machine came with that one ^_^), GOOD QUALITY POLYESTER THREAD and NARROW ZIGZAG STITCH- that gives that extra strength so needed in knit/ stretch fabrics!
I've heard of a twin needle solution for the strength too but I have not tried it.
For a tight pencil skirt - which also doesn't have any zipper-  strong stitches definitely help and the zigzag stitch did a great job!

I also made a bustier top in a beautiful turquoise colour. These two garments seemed to go really nice together, don't you think?

You can check out my new pencil skirt and the bustier top below:

Jersey is most definitely my favourite fabric. It feels super soft on my skin and I love how the garment possibilities vary from close fitting (very often without even a need for a fastening as this is a stretchy fabric -which is so awesome!) to beautifully draped lose skirts/ dresses etc. I cant wait to sew more with it!^_^

I would very much appreciate any feedback from you.

In the meantime have a lovely evening!


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Fashion and Screen Printing

Hello everyone^_^

How have you been???
I don't seem to be able to stop printing! And recently I've decided to take my printing adventure to the next level- designing a fashion garment, printing on the cut out fabric panels before finally sewing them together. The outcome was very pleasing to my eyes! One more skirt to wear! ^_^

Below I am sharing the process and the final garment with you guys!

Drawing on the freezer paper and the cutting out the shapes out.

 I've treated myself to a new (and much bigger than the one I made myself a while ago) screen frame which is of a perfect size to print on fashion garments.

Applying textile paint..

First colour applied. I'm letting it dry a bit before peeling off the paper. And once the ink has dried completely I will fix it permanently with a hot iron. 

Once the black print dried I applied a second colour- which was metallic (or as they are called- opaque) silver.

And then finally the remaining step was to sew the skirt...
Here it is:



And here I am enjoying the fruit of my hard work! ^_^

Thank you for stopping by!