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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Fashion and Screen Printing

Hello everyone^_^

How have you been???
I don't seem to be able to stop printing! And recently I've decided to take my printing adventure to the next level- designing a fashion garment, printing on the cut out fabric panels before finally sewing them together. The outcome was very pleasing to my eyes! One more skirt to wear! ^_^

Below I am sharing the process and the final garment with you guys!

Drawing on the freezer paper and the cutting out the shapes out.

 I've treated myself to a new (and much bigger than the one I made myself a while ago) screen frame which is of a perfect size to print on fashion garments.

Applying textile paint..

First colour applied. I'm letting it dry a bit before peeling off the paper. And once the ink has dried completely I will fix it permanently with a hot iron. 

Once the black print dried I applied a second colour- which was metallic (or as they are called- opaque) silver.

And then finally the remaining step was to sew the skirt...
Here it is:



And here I am enjoying the fruit of my hard work! ^_^

Thank you for stopping by!