Saturday, 28 December 2013

We Should Wear Dresses All year Round


Lately I became a big fan of dresses. I want to wear them all the time, even in colder seasons.
How to wear dresses all year round? Choose them made from slightly warmer fabrics!
My newly sewn dresses have been made from warmer fabrics such as cotton drill and wool blend. On top of that both dresses have been lined.

They look great with cardigans and jackets. I like to wear them with belts too.
Depending on kind of accessories, shoes etc used- these dresses can be easily styled into either day or evening look.
I used the same pattern for the bodice with panels mixing in black drill with red tartan and blue cobalt.
Skirts have slightly different shapes though.
Cobalt blue skirt only has two pleats in the front and two in the back that have been stitched in place along the hem line, this creates slightly round/ oval shape.

Red tartan skirt has been evenly gathered/ pleated around the waist creating a very flattering A-line shape. Adding a belt here really emphasizes a slim looking waist.

What do you think?


Sunday, 22 December 2013

My new discovery with an all favourite technique

We all love to feel warm and comfortable in this cold season, don't we?^_^
I LOVE the look of woollen cardigans or jackets but often find them too warm when I need to run my errands during the day, wool also feels too prickly without anything underneath it which only adds up more layers.
I like and need something soft on my skin that would keep me warm and comfortable throughout the day but also would look nice and stylish.
 When I first saw the fabric I immediately fell in love with this knitted, heavyweight cotton jersey. It's of an amazing quality and just a bit stretchy. I came up with a very simple slightly longer tunic pattern. To vary the shape it can be worn either with or without a belt. I love my belts so it has to be WITH A BELT FOR ME but there is a loose version here too. 

In my opinion the tunic dress turned out pretty nice, it's soft, warm and very comfortable but also quite stylish. Yes yes all of them in one!^_^

Before sewing the pieces together I decided to add hand printed details in contrasting yellow and orange colours.

What do you think???


Sunday, 1 December 2013

Fabric wrapped bead necklace

I've had this box full of beautiful fat quarters for a while (mostly Tilda's collections). I've only used some of them in 2 or 3 small patchwork projects. I find them too pretty and can't bring myself to cut them,  plus they look so nice all together, silly I know!

However, this last weekend while experimenting with fabric necklaces I decided to be ruthless! My fat quarters just seemed ideal for the kind of necklace I had in mind!

I chose two different patterns for each necklace. I cut them in a lot of small strips, then stitched together creating one long strip that then got folded in half and stitched into a tube. The tube was filled with plastic beads with knots between each bead.

Here are my fabric wrapped bead necklaces.

I think they look quite nice, don't you?


Thursday, 10 October 2013

Butterfly Notebook Cover

I made this cute mini notebook cover as a gift.
The cover is made of a very nice fabric with vintage inspired print, it is really soft- it has a piece of wadding inside, this cover can be removed. The butterfly is actually a hand printed brooch that can be unpinned.



Hand printed table napins


I've been hand printing a lot as usual. This time I made the printed fabrics into cloth napkins.

Screen printed Rose & Heart (using Mylar stencil):

These can be purchased HERE

Block (rubber and lino) printed Blue Flowers:

These can be purchased HERE

That's all the designs I have for now. Both sets are very different, bright and vibrant rose design, the other more with subtle and cheerful blue and orange print. Designs for every mood I guess ^_^

Have I already mentioned that I LOVE hand printing??



Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My most favourite illustrations and paintings!


I've created this post with my most favourite handpicked illustrations, drawings and paitings from Etsy's very talented artists. Each one of them has its own soul, character and style, each so unique, so beautiful! 
Here is something to please your eyes on this gloomy day! ^_^















Inameli art