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Sunday, 22 December 2013

My new discovery with an all favourite technique

We all love to feel warm and comfortable in this cold season, don't we?^_^
I LOVE the look of woollen cardigans or jackets but often find them too warm when I need to run my errands during the day, wool also feels too prickly without anything underneath it which only adds up more layers.
I like and need something soft on my skin that would keep me warm and comfortable throughout the day but also would look nice and stylish.
 When I first saw the fabric I immediately fell in love with this knitted, heavyweight cotton jersey. It's of an amazing quality and just a bit stretchy. I came up with a very simple slightly longer tunic pattern. To vary the shape it can be worn either with or without a belt. I love my belts so it has to be WITH A BELT FOR ME but there is a loose version here too. 

In my opinion the tunic dress turned out pretty nice, it's soft, warm and very comfortable but also quite stylish. Yes yes all of them in one!^_^

Before sewing the pieces together I decided to add hand printed details in contrasting yellow and orange colours.

What do you think???


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Jersey- my favourite fabric

Good evening!

I had been experimenting with jersey fabric for a while with mostly not too goo results. That's all in the past now, I seem to finally got it right and sewing knit fabrics is no longer a nightmare! Yupi!
I am so so happy!
The trick is to use a right needle, right foot and a right stitch.
What works for me is- STRETCH NEEDLE, WALKING FOOT (luckily my Bernina machine came with that one ^_^), GOOD QUALITY POLYESTER THREAD and NARROW ZIGZAG STITCH- that gives that extra strength so needed in knit/ stretch fabrics!
I've heard of a twin needle solution for the strength too but I have not tried it.
For a tight pencil skirt - which also doesn't have any zipper-  strong stitches definitely help and the zigzag stitch did a great job!

I also made a bustier top in a beautiful turquoise colour. These two garments seemed to go really nice together, don't you think?

You can check out my new pencil skirt and the bustier top below:

Jersey is most definitely my favourite fabric. It feels super soft on my skin and I love how the garment possibilities vary from close fitting (very often without even a need for a fastening as this is a stretchy fabric -which is so awesome!) to beautifully draped lose skirts/ dresses etc. I cant wait to sew more with it!^_^

I would very much appreciate any feedback from you.

In the meantime have a lovely evening!