Sunday, 28 February 2016

From straight to draped- a dress transformation

Hi all,

At the beginning of this year I was invited to spend a few weeks on the most beautiful Isle of Skye, it was a totally last minute offer and since going away was just what I needed at the time, I accepted it. 
I had a birthday party to attend upon my returning and no time to sew a dress. And since I knew there was nothing in my wardrobe that would immediately call my name, I had to take some unusual measures, find something online. It's not that I never buy online cause I do. But when it comes to clothes I tend to limit myself to only buying shoes (if I know I can return them). I always struggle to find clothes that fit so buying online would most likely result in disaster. 
Sometimes though, there comes a time when a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. 
Whilst on my vacation on Skye I bought a few dresses from Asos (they have a very good return policy) hoping that at least one would be satisfying.  

This is the dress:

When I saw this dress I instantly fell in love with its bright red colour whilst at the same time being aware that it was not the most flattering style for my figure. Rest assured though, I had a plan,  I HAD A GREAT VISION. I knew exactly what to do to make it fit.
My not so recent obsession with draping and ruching and numerous pattern manipulations, learning to understand patterns for draped garments came in handy.  It was a very quick job too. I didn't even have to unpick the sides of the skirt, just measured how much it needs to be shorten by then decide where I want the draping, gather the excess fabric, pin, stitch and voila!  

There was a pair of heels I had my eyes on for a few months and was waiting for a great bargain. They were Vivienne Westwood's Melissa shoes from her Anglomania collection, very pricey obviously. But the key is to always stay positive!^_^  It will pay off.  And so it did. I found them on TKmaxx's website for £30! And the gold colour was exactly what would be the most perfect match for my red dress! What are the chances?! 
As I said before- you gotta believe!!! ^_^ The shoes turned out so comfy too!

And these are the famous Melissa/ Anglomania heels by Vivienne Westwood.

You can see how beautifully the draping has turned out here on the side seam.