Thursday, 4 July 2013

Textile Art in Embroidery Hoop


Embroidery hoop art has become my latest obsession and I spent some time experimenting with various arts then framing them in the hoops.

Here they are:

Roses: 3D roses and paper letters

Screen printed rose in beautiful metallic raspberry red:

And something a bit different,rag doll portrait:

That's it so far but I would definitely come up with more embroidery hoop art!^_^
What do you think of them?



Pretty Butterfly Stamps

Hello again!

Here is my latest carving and stamping experiment.
Sweet butterflies stamped on medium weight linen, lovely light background- like blank canvas awaiting to be filled with creativity! I love this fabric!

I really like the blue butterfly! It's a double stamp, first in white colour and the second one stamped on top of it is in metallic blue, I love this effect!^_^

I am thinking of using these swatches and make throw pillows, wouldn't they look just lovely on a sofa?? Hmm.. I think so!



Fashion accessory- folded clutch bag


Can you believe that July is here already?! I think to me June was the shortest month ever! Don't you think?
Time flies incredibly fast!
And tomorrow/ this early morning I will be going away on my long annual holiday to Poland to see my family!
I am incredibly excited!^_^

I have a few things to share with you that I worked on over past couple weeks.

In this post I would like to show you my holiday clutch bag.
I made it specially for my holiday.
It's small so it won't add any extra weight to my hand luggage but at the same time my travel documents as well as my mobile, music, lip balm and some cash would fit too!^_^

And it's so sweet too!

 Isn't it..?  What do you think?^_^