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Thursday, 15 August 2013

What has become of my butterfly prints

Remember my post with those lovely butterfly stamps?

 I finally made a good use of those fabric swatches! I then took my rubber stamp out again to stamp some more and more..

That's my rubber stamp

 I ended up coming up with a small butterfly collection.
 Home ornaments...

This lovely pillow can be purchased HERE

This one has hand embroidered details added: 

Hear ornaments in red and blue:

How sweet my room looks now!^_^

 And when tea time comes I get to place my mug on one of these lovely coasters!^_^
This sweet coaster can be purchased HERE

This heart ornament can be purchased HERE

This lovely pillow can be purchased HERE

.. And of course I didn't just stop there, there was some fashion too- a lovely linen blouse:

Fading effect..

And what do you think of my small collections? I have to say I am quite pleased with it!^_^


Thursday, 4 July 2013

Pretty Butterfly Stamps

Hello again!

Here is my latest carving and stamping experiment.
Sweet butterflies stamped on medium weight linen, lovely light background- like blank canvas awaiting to be filled with creativity! I love this fabric!

I really like the blue butterfly! It's a double stamp, first in white colour and the second one stamped on top of it is in metallic blue, I love this effect!^_^

I am thinking of using these swatches and make throw pillows, wouldn't they look just lovely on a sofa?? Hmm.. I think so!