Sunday, 20 July 2014

What Else Can You Do With Embroidery Hoops..


I hope you are all well! Enjoying this lovely summer weather!^_^
It's been a very beautiful and sunny day even here- in Edinburgh! What a change after foggy and miserable Saturday that we had yesterday. It seems that we are now out of darkness and in for some more great summer again!^_^ Yey!
 Sunny summer days are amazing although I have to admit that great days like today make it quite difficult to work. to stay in, to focus, to create, even when you do something you enjoy so much!  My studio is right on top floor and it can get really hot. Well I guess I should invest in a fan and stop complaining!

 I have been quite strict with myself though in the last couple of weeks and managed to work on a few paintings and  do some sewing too.

So what else can you do with embroidery hoops? They don't only serve as an embroidery tool, embroidery hoops make pretty nice frames too, not only for flat objects but also 3D items.

Today I am sharing with you my rag doll embroidery hoop art. They are available in my Etsy shop. Clicking on the captions below images will take you to each individual item listing.




What do you think?