Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Long Sleeved Red Dress with Draped Skirt

Hello friends,

It seems that my love for designing and manipulating draped patterns is eternal. It must have been at least two years when I first came across one of the Drape Drape books by Hisako Sato and fell in love with this artistic, playful and full of possibilities pattern design and fashion style. Now I've got two Drape Drape books in my private library and numerous inspirational images saved on Pinterest which I often go back to for reference. 
Even though there are so many exciting projects in both of the Drape Drape books I have only managed to sew a couple of garments and instead just keep going back to the same pattern manipulating it or just drafting my own with ruched details. 
In fact, lately I tend to add draping to every single pattern I draft! Even workout leggings (pictures to follow in the future post). I guess it's just a phase and I will grow out of  it in due course but for now I still very much enjoy it :).

My red dress with ruched skirt and sleeves is so versatile as it can be either very causal or more dressy depending on shoes and accessories worn with it. With the neckline not being revealing at all and long sleeves this red dress worn with simple ankle boots gets transformed into a very laid- back look (perfect for bowling^_^) and at the same time because of its striking red colour a quick change of shoes makes it a perfect dress for a night on the town.

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Monday, 25 April 2016

Red and Pink Summer Circle Skirts

Hello friends,

Lately I seem to be finding more and more pictures from last summer that somehow I failed to share on my blog...

These two circle skirts were sewn for my summer holidays that I spent in Poland in the very hot month of July.
It only really strikes me how white my skin becomes during winter when I look at the summer shots. I don't go to tanning salons so the difference is massive. We hardly ever get enough sunshine to tan in Scotland and so it's only in my summer photographs taken abroad that I look tanned.
I have to say my handmade summer outfits look a lot better with the tan. :) 

Taking pictures while having the hair and make up look fresh for the duration of the shoot can be quite challenging in the heat of 37 degrees (Celsius).
However, I love how sharp and crisp the colours are and how nice the images turn out in general when taken in the natural sun light, hence I tend to choose the time of the day when it's still pretty hot. Despite the heat though, I really do enjoy the overall experience of modelling in the outfits made by myself. My sister is usually the photographer; I know it is not something she likes doing too much, and therefore I'm even more appreciative of the time and patience she puts into it. Thank you sis!! 

Drafting a pattern as well as sewing a circle skirt is super easy that's why I decided to make two skirts in one go. :) 
They both have a pretty wide waistband, the red skirt comes with an exposed matching zip, whereas the pink one has an invisible zip which, in my opinion, looks a lot better.

I like how the circle skirts look with stretch tube tops.

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Monday, 18 April 2016

Oversized Fuchsia Pink Shirt

Hello my friends,

I'd like to share with you a shirt I made last summer.
All pictures were taken in the summer as well, hence the lovely tan. ^_^

I miss the heat after those endless cold winter days, in fact I bet we all do! 
I am missing wearing light summer dresses and shirts without having to layer them with woolen sweaters or cardigans and tights and scarves.
But since summer is almost around the corner I've decided to start preparing for warmer days by making some new shirts. I recently came across some lovely floral cotton lawn fabrics, I could envision beautiful loose shirts just by feeling their texture. Cotton lawn fabrics are a fine woven cotton material with a silky soft finish- so you get the picture, you touch them, you want to have them wrapped around your body^_^.

First I needed to manipulate the shirt pattern that I drafted last summer so all of my shirts wouldn't look exactly the same.
Sewing a shirt is a long process with so many pieces to cut and stitch together. However, I've discovered that I really do like sewing shirts. I like that crisp look of pressed and top stitched cuffs and collars as they come together.

 I am still working on my new floral shirts and will share them together soon and in the meantime here are some photographs from last year taken in the summer sun:

This shirt is loose in style with asymmetrical hem and hidden button placket

As you can see these oversized shirts can be styled in so many ways. They look great both with sandals and trainers, shorts or long skinny trousers. Casual and relaxed or a bit more elegant.

Thank you popping over.