Monday, 25 April 2016

Red and Pink Summer Circle Skirts

Hello friends,

Lately I seem to be finding more and more pictures from last summer that somehow I failed to share on my blog...

These two circle skirts were sewn for my summer holidays that I spent in Poland in the very hot month of July.
It only really strikes me how white my skin becomes during winter when I look at the summer shots. I don't go to tanning salons so the difference is massive. We hardly ever get enough sunshine to tan in Scotland and so it's only in my summer photographs taken abroad that I look tanned.
I have to say my handmade summer outfits look a lot better with the tan. :) 

Taking pictures while having the hair and make up look fresh for the duration of the shoot can be quite challenging in the heat of 37 degrees (Celsius).
However, I love how sharp and crisp the colours are and how nice the images turn out in general when taken in the natural sun light, hence I tend to choose the time of the day when it's still pretty hot. Despite the heat though, I really do enjoy the overall experience of modelling in the outfits made by myself. My sister is usually the photographer; I know it is not something she likes doing too much, and therefore I'm even more appreciative of the time and patience she puts into it. Thank you sis!! 

Drafting a pattern as well as sewing a circle skirt is super easy that's why I decided to make two skirts in one go. :) 
They both have a pretty wide waistband, the red skirt comes with an exposed matching zip, whereas the pink one has an invisible zip which, in my opinion, looks a lot better.

I like how the circle skirts look with stretch tube tops.

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