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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Jersey- my favourite fabric

Good evening!

I had been experimenting with jersey fabric for a while with mostly not too goo results. That's all in the past now, I seem to finally got it right and sewing knit fabrics is no longer a nightmare! Yupi!
I am so so happy!
The trick is to use a right needle, right foot and a right stitch.
What works for me is- STRETCH NEEDLE, WALKING FOOT (luckily my Bernina machine came with that one ^_^), GOOD QUALITY POLYESTER THREAD and NARROW ZIGZAG STITCH- that gives that extra strength so needed in knit/ stretch fabrics!
I've heard of a twin needle solution for the strength too but I have not tried it.
For a tight pencil skirt - which also doesn't have any zipper-  strong stitches definitely help and the zigzag stitch did a great job!

I also made a bustier top in a beautiful turquoise colour. These two garments seemed to go really nice together, don't you think?

You can check out my new pencil skirt and the bustier top below:

Jersey is most definitely my favourite fabric. It feels super soft on my skin and I love how the garment possibilities vary from close fitting (very often without even a need for a fastening as this is a stretchy fabric -which is so awesome!) to beautifully draped lose skirts/ dresses etc. I cant wait to sew more with it!^_^

I would very much appreciate any feedback from you.

In the meantime have a lovely evening!