Sunday, 1 December 2013

Fabric wrapped bead necklace

I've had this box full of beautiful fat quarters for a while (mostly Tilda's collections). I've only used some of them in 2 or 3 small patchwork projects. I find them too pretty and can't bring myself to cut them,  plus they look so nice all together, silly I know!

However, this last weekend while experimenting with fabric necklaces I decided to be ruthless! My fat quarters just seemed ideal for the kind of necklace I had in mind!

I chose two different patterns for each necklace. I cut them in a lot of small strips, then stitched together creating one long strip that then got folded in half and stitched into a tube. The tube was filled with plastic beads with knots between each bead.

Here are my fabric wrapped bead necklaces.

I think they look quite nice, don't you?


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