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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Simple Tunic Dress

Simple straight line tunic is a very versatile shape as it give a lot of room to play around. I love my tunics with belts or elastics to shape the waist.
 The first one was made from a light red fabric with elastic stitched around the waist and a big bow stitched on the side ( I love the bow^_^) :

The red on is from last summer. 
My newest one is made from grey colour lightweight wool blend fabric with tight elastic casing as well as printed fabric side inserts:

  Playing around with details/ fabric choice when using the same simple pattern totally changes the outcome.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

My Red Dress


I hope you've had a fantastic and relaxing weekend!

A while ago back in cold spring I made a pretty red dress for myself.. Recently we have been having a really nice weather over here in Edinburgh and so I managed to wear it outside. The sun was shining so brightly one day and I walked around town showing off my pretty red dress!^_^

Well I hope you guys like it too^_^

Gosia xxx

Friday, 15 March 2013

Follow up- our beautiful make ups!

Hello hello,

How is everyone?

We had an amazing night last Saturday! With a very artistic start-a long make up session for each of us at home and then there was a great music and lots of dancing at a very nice club! Fun fun fun!

Here are the follow up images to the previous post:

Make up artist Juli hard at work:

My beautiful make up with red feathers.
My beautiful make up with red feathers and new designed red dress.

Amazing silver eye make up!

All satisfied and ready to go!

Don't we look just lovely??^_^

Have a fantastic weekend folks!