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Friday, 15 March 2013

Follow up- our beautiful make ups!

Hello hello,

How is everyone?

We had an amazing night last Saturday! With a very artistic start-a long make up session for each of us at home and then there was a great music and lots of dancing at a very nice club! Fun fun fun!

Here are the follow up images to the previous post:

Make up artist Juli hard at work:

My beautiful make up with red feathers.
My beautiful make up with red feathers and new designed red dress.

Amazing silver eye make up!

All satisfied and ready to go!

Don't we look just lovely??^_^

Have a fantastic weekend folks!



Friday, 8 March 2013

Be bold! Rich and colourful make up inspiration.

Good afternoon.

How are you all????

I'm going dancing tomorrow and I'm very excited about it! It's been ages since I last went. I don't like the music you know.. It's all  the same noise in most places nowadays to me. It's funny when I comment on it this way I sound like my own dad who disapproved of what my sisters and I listened to as teenagers but mind you the music back then in the 90s wasn't half as bad! ^_^
My friends and I found a place with 60s, 70s and 80s music so it sounds really fun and I wanna dress up too ^_^ Or at least have fun and colourful make you. I'd love that! I'm sure my friend who's a make up artist would enjoy this challenge a lot.

Wouldn't you like anything in this style for your night out? They are just so amazing, aren't they!?

I think peacock theme eye shadows are my favourite!

I love the feathers!

Great picture!!

Awesome eye lashes!!

That's me in this lovely bold make up by Juli

As I said I LOVE COLOURS!!^_^
I made myself a dress for the occasion too, it's red with asymmetrical hem-a bit shorter front. I have a very cool leather obi belt to go with it, it is quite long and shapes the waistline really nicely.

Have a fun weekend everyone!