Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The beginning of MyColourfulTexture

Hello lovely people!

How is your week going? It seems winter is endless this year, doesn't it? We had a little bit of snow here in Edinburgh today but it's all gone now.

Anyway I thought I woud share a short story with you- about the beginning of MyColourfulTexture^_^

MyColourfultexture was born in August 2011 when I also opened my online shop on Etsy. The idea was quite straightforward and simple- to set up a small brand that makes and sells baby clothes- what else can be as cute and as colourful? That was why my dear friend Juliana from DeSygnMe and I sat down to design a bright and sweet logo for MyClourfulTexture. And it is so beautiful: 

by DeSygnMe

I have to say it was quite naïve of me to believe that I would just stick with one category, yes it would have be very simple but unfortunately I don’t think I was designed to live a simple life^_^.
Sometimes I wish I could just come up with a design that represents me and MyColourfulTexture, like Dior and Channel, or lots of doll makers out there- I look at their blogs and Etsy shops at those beautiful, amazing creatures and feel I should have that signature look about my work too! The problem is I seem to get bored doing things one way and always change and experiment with other possibilities. Well this is who I am and I guess I will just have to embrace that for now^_^

Going back to the beginning- even though I bought lots of colourful fabrics, books and patterns to make baby clothes I quickly discovered that I wanted to make home decorations and then dolls and toys too- which my blue logo would still be ok for but then I also wanted to go back to women’s fashion and provide alteration services. Suddenly my blue logo looked too childish, not representing all that I would like MyColourfulTexture to stand for. So a few days ago my friend Juliana and I had another chat and equally decided it’s time for a change.  
Juliana is a very talented graphic designer and her designs always meet my expectations, she seems to know what I want more than I am able to express in words or graphic language. Today she sent me a few designs:

by DeSygnMe

by DeSygnMe

by DeSygnMe
by DeSygnMe

by DeSygnMe

And oh how much I loved them all!!

I had been playing with them, trying different looks here on my blog, my Etsy shop as well as my Facebook Page.
And now after finally having chosen one I feel as if not only my brand but also I as a person have been reborn, it’s a funny feeling!^_^
You can view Juliana's fantastic portfolio and other services she offers on her website DeSygnMe here.

Have a lovely evening everyone!


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