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Friday, 6 February 2015

Royal Blue Isn't Only For Royal Family

This is my third garment that I have sewn from the Draped Draped book. The designs are really  something special, some of them with a very artistic, 'elaborate' look to them, one might struggle to find an occasion to wear them.

This is the lovely book:

I tend to use the patterns as a guidance and modify them to my liking or mix and match with my own patterns. I made this vest last summer with no changes though:

The design from the Drape Drape 2 book, I've only used the skirt pattern and drafted my own close fitting top to go with it:

And finally this is my version:

Lovely royal blue medium weight cotton stretch fabric with ribbed neckline.

I made this purple tassel necklace to go with the dress:

I dyed my hair a couple days prior to the shoot. The red/ orange shade creates a nice contrast with the blue colour, doesn't it?

And lastly- what do you guys think about the dress?

Gosia xx

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The beginning of MyColourfulTexture

Hello lovely people!

How is your week going? It seems winter is endless this year, doesn't it? We had a little bit of snow here in Edinburgh today but it's all gone now.

Anyway I thought I woud share a short story with you- about the beginning of MyColourfulTexture^_^

MyColourfultexture was born in August 2011 when I also opened my online shop on Etsy. The idea was quite straightforward and simple- to set up a small brand that makes and sells baby clothes- what else can be as cute and as colourful? That was why my dear friend Juliana from DeSygnMe and I sat down to design a bright and sweet logo for MyClourfulTexture. And it is so beautiful: 

by DeSygnMe

I have to say it was quite naïve of me to believe that I would just stick with one category, yes it would have be very simple but unfortunately I don’t think I was designed to live a simple life^_^.
Sometimes I wish I could just come up with a design that represents me and MyColourfulTexture, like Dior and Channel, or lots of doll makers out there- I look at their blogs and Etsy shops at those beautiful, amazing creatures and feel I should have that signature look about my work too! The problem is I seem to get bored doing things one way and always change and experiment with other possibilities. Well this is who I am and I guess I will just have to embrace that for now^_^

Going back to the beginning- even though I bought lots of colourful fabrics, books and patterns to make baby clothes I quickly discovered that I wanted to make home decorations and then dolls and toys too- which my blue logo would still be ok for but then I also wanted to go back to women’s fashion and provide alteration services. Suddenly my blue logo looked too childish, not representing all that I would like MyColourfulTexture to stand for. So a few days ago my friend Juliana and I had another chat and equally decided it’s time for a change.  
Juliana is a very talented graphic designer and her designs always meet my expectations, she seems to know what I want more than I am able to express in words or graphic language. Today she sent me a few designs:

by DeSygnMe

by DeSygnMe

by DeSygnMe
by DeSygnMe

by DeSygnMe

And oh how much I loved them all!!

I had been playing with them, trying different looks here on my blog, my Etsy shop as well as my Facebook Page.
And now after finally having chosen one I feel as if not only my brand but also I as a person have been reborn, it’s a funny feeling!^_^
You can view Juliana's fantastic portfolio and other services she offers on her website DeSygnMe here.

Have a lovely evening everyone!


Monday, 11 February 2013

Bags bags bags..

Hello and happy Monday everyone!

The weekend has gone by so fast! Hasn't it?
Another week of February is already here and it seems a nice start too as after a bit of a wet and miserable weekend the sun has reached us here in Edinburgh, even though it's quite cold it's so nice to see the light!
I'm just having a big mug of a really nice coffee- my favourite kind with freshly homemade coconut milk and vanilla stevia, yum! I had a busy weekend and I am feeling quite tired so let's hope that coffee is going to work its magic^_^

A while ago I made this Oversized Fashionsita  Bag using Lisa Lam's pattern from her The Bag Making Bible book (which is really quite awesome! I love it!).

Lisa's bag

My version had a bit of a sport look to it -as it was a present for my sister and that was what she requested. I loved the bag so much that nearly kept it for myself!^_^

And my bag

Anyway finally after a few months time she sent me a few pictures and I have to say- I am so glad I didn't keep the bag, it's just so perfect for her, isn't it?

And she made so much effort with the preparation for her 'home made 'photo shoot session- all done by herself: make up, hair, taking and editing pictures and I appreciate her feedback and all the effort so much that I really want to share them with you!^_^

Have a great Monday!