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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Amazing textile art..and the cat!

Hello hello and happy Valentines everyone!^_^

Whatever you do may this day and every day of the year be filled with LOVE!

I'm sitting by the window trying to focus on typing this post, there is a cat outside that I see everyday and it's making me laugh right now! It's got this funny look- white paws (all four of them!) and they look like tiny shoes, grey round body and I am thinking -a stroll is definitely not what that cat needs! More like a dog-cat chase to lose some weight! ^_^

Anyway distractions aside I've been browsing blogs today looking for inspiring works and images and came across this post with an amazing collection of mixed media textile arts. Truly beautiful.

I studied Textiles and I loved it so much and often look through my portfolio with such a sentiment, I really miss doing Textiles but somehow I find it quite difficult at the moment to stop sewing clothes etc and go wild with collages and mixed media again..maybe I am put off by the mess that would create haha.
This work is one of my portfolios piece- mixed media art.

I remember my hands and clothes being stained in all sort of things afterwards! Wax, ink, paint, soft and oil pastels.. It was a nice and satisfying feeling though so I will definitely be getting messy again^_^ I bought this brilliant and inspiring book lately, I love it! I've forgotten so many techniques already and the book is a great reminder!

Ok I'm gonna shoot now. The cat is still lazying about outside so I'm gonna take an advantage of the sunny spell before it goes away and join it!
Have a wonderful day!



Monday, 11 February 2013

Bags bags bags..

Hello and happy Monday everyone!

The weekend has gone by so fast! Hasn't it?
Another week of February is already here and it seems a nice start too as after a bit of a wet and miserable weekend the sun has reached us here in Edinburgh, even though it's quite cold it's so nice to see the light!
I'm just having a big mug of a really nice coffee- my favourite kind with freshly homemade coconut milk and vanilla stevia, yum! I had a busy weekend and I am feeling quite tired so let's hope that coffee is going to work its magic^_^

A while ago I made this Oversized Fashionsita  Bag using Lisa Lam's pattern from her The Bag Making Bible book (which is really quite awesome! I love it!).

Lisa's bag

My version had a bit of a sport look to it -as it was a present for my sister and that was what she requested. I loved the bag so much that nearly kept it for myself!^_^

And my bag

Anyway finally after a few months time she sent me a few pictures and I have to say- I am so glad I didn't keep the bag, it's just so perfect for her, isn't it?

And she made so much effort with the preparation for her 'home made 'photo shoot session- all done by herself: make up, hair, taking and editing pictures and I appreciate her feedback and all the effort so much that I really want to share them with you!^_^

Have a great Monday!