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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Pink And Turquoise Flamingos 50s Tie Front Shirt

Hello hello!

Today was a great day for me for two reasons.
Firstly I finally got to go on a test ride on my new (second hand) bike. And it was a beautiful ride along the canal and then up towards the hills. Oh I'm so happy with the bike!!
Secondly I was wearing my newly sewn flamingo shirt which I love even more than my new bike!^_^
The sad news is that the summer is leaving us now, autumn definitely was felt is in the air...

Anyway weather aside here it is:
My pink and turquoise flamingos 50s tie front shirt!

Freshly screen printed flamingos:

What do you think? Aren't the flamingos sweet?^_^



Friday, 2 August 2013

Summer outfits

Hello and welcome to my very summery post!^_^

I would like to share with you here some of my latest summer projects.
My sister and I had a lot of fun during the photoshoot, despite the heat it was nice to do this together.

The dresses have been styled  as both sporty and elegant.
I think it is really great if you can wear one dress in different styles.
A very simple way to change its look is to add/ remove a belt, wear a tiny waistcoat or a jacket over it, try different pair of shoes etc. It's amazing what each accessory can achieve!

What do you think of the outfits? ^_^



Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Puppy obsession

Hello and good afternoon!

It's a lovely day here in Edinburgh however this sun shining so brightly today is very deceptive!
I went out without previously checking the temperature,  wearing a light jacket, I grabbed a pair of sunglasses too but oh brrr it's actually freezing! I should have worn a hat and gloves! Those sunglasses definitely didn't keep me warm! So it had only been a short walk and now am back in!

Today I would like to share my new obsession- puppies. I've always loved huskies and dalmatians but after coming across this picture a few days ago my obsession has begun!

 I have been wanting a puppy like this one ever since! Isn't he just the cutest thing ever?
And that red hoodie makes him look so adorable! In fact I can picture myself sewing fashionable and sweet hoodies for him! Oh and I've already picked a name for my puppy too- Diego^_^

I've been browsing amazing handmade puppy versions on Etsy.
 I'm sharing with you just a few of my favourites:

Oh so sweet!!!

Oh so artistic

Oh so cuddly

Oh so vintage
Oh so lovely
Oh so warm
Oh aren't they all so sweet?!?  I hope now we are all obsessed with puppies if not the real ones then those so unique that have been handmade with lots love !^_^

Have a lovely day!



P.S Having read a bit more about Huskies sadly I have to admit I don't qualify to own one just yet, they require so much space( as they are very energetic!) which I don't have as I live in a small flat and apparently they -like all the other puppies- love to chew clothes etc and I would be constantly worried about my fabric collections!And my creations..
So in the meantime I'll stick to admiring the puppy in the hoodie from the picture.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Bags bags bags..

Hello and happy Monday everyone!

The weekend has gone by so fast! Hasn't it?
Another week of February is already here and it seems a nice start too as after a bit of a wet and miserable weekend the sun has reached us here in Edinburgh, even though it's quite cold it's so nice to see the light!
I'm just having a big mug of a really nice coffee- my favourite kind with freshly homemade coconut milk and vanilla stevia, yum! I had a busy weekend and I am feeling quite tired so let's hope that coffee is going to work its magic^_^

A while ago I made this Oversized Fashionsita  Bag using Lisa Lam's pattern from her The Bag Making Bible book (which is really quite awesome! I love it!).

Lisa's bag

My version had a bit of a sport look to it -as it was a present for my sister and that was what she requested. I loved the bag so much that nearly kept it for myself!^_^

And my bag

Anyway finally after a few months time she sent me a few pictures and I have to say- I am so glad I didn't keep the bag, it's just so perfect for her, isn't it?

And she made so much effort with the preparation for her 'home made 'photo shoot session- all done by herself: make up, hair, taking and editing pictures and I appreciate her feedback and all the effort so much that I really want to share them with you!^_^

Have a great Monday!


Thursday, 7 February 2013

..and here I am-Little Foxy^_^

Valentines fox in the making

Hello hello,

Can't believe it's Thursday already! The week has gone by so fast! And today is late night shopping and it made me realise that I haven't been shopping for so long...well that's actually a lie- I have been buying fabrics and other sewing related materials but you know what I mean buying something just for me!^_^
Anyway I've been working on these foxes which I think are great for Valentine's (but definitely not only that) and I am enjoying the process and the final outcome so much that I'd thought I would share it with you guys... in pictures.

And in the meantime have a lovely evening!