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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Puppy obsession

Hello and good afternoon!

It's a lovely day here in Edinburgh however this sun shining so brightly today is very deceptive!
I went out without previously checking the temperature,  wearing a light jacket, I grabbed a pair of sunglasses too but oh brrr it's actually freezing! I should have worn a hat and gloves! Those sunglasses definitely didn't keep me warm! So it had only been a short walk and now am back in!

Today I would like to share my new obsession- puppies. I've always loved huskies and dalmatians but after coming across this picture a few days ago my obsession has begun!

 I have been wanting a puppy like this one ever since! Isn't he just the cutest thing ever?
And that red hoodie makes him look so adorable! In fact I can picture myself sewing fashionable and sweet hoodies for him! Oh and I've already picked a name for my puppy too- Diego^_^

I've been browsing amazing handmade puppy versions on Etsy.
 I'm sharing with you just a few of my favourites:

Oh so sweet!!!

Oh so artistic

Oh so cuddly

Oh so vintage
Oh so lovely
Oh so warm
Oh aren't they all so sweet?!?  I hope now we are all obsessed with puppies if not the real ones then those so unique that have been handmade with lots love !^_^

Have a lovely day!



P.S Having read a bit more about Huskies sadly I have to admit I don't qualify to own one just yet, they require so much space( as they are very energetic!) which I don't have as I live in a small flat and apparently they -like all the other puppies- love to chew clothes etc and I would be constantly worried about my fabric collections!And my creations..
So in the meantime I'll stick to admiring the puppy in the hoodie from the picture.