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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Personalized Designs For Babies

Hello and good afternoon!

What an amazing day we are having here in Edinburgh! The sun is shining and not a cloud in the sky! That's a very rare thing for us! The city always comes alive on days like this! The sun makes it all the more amazing!
I have all the windows open and I am enjoying those sun rays creeping into my studio.
I have lots of sewing to do, very busy and very happy^_^

This morning I was shortening a few vintage maxi dresses and making up skirts on thick black elastics from the cut offs, the change is amazing. But enough about that! I wanted to focus this post on personalized designs that I have been working on lately and share them here.

This is a baby blanket with appliqued name, it's made of heavy cotton with really nice prints, backed with soft baby blue fleece and a contrasting dark blue bias banding. It turned out quite nice, didn't it?

Here is my work in progress:

securing appliqued letters with satin stitch

Attaching bias binding

And here it is!!^_^

And now personalized monkey toy for a new born baby- made of fleece, felt and cotton with hand embroidered name, date and even time! Isn't it just sweet?

Hello!!Here I am!!

And another blanket for a baby girl this time. It has sweet felted creatures stitched onto it and hand embroidered name. What do you think of this one? Cute, huh??

And last but not least baby quilt. Oh so pink!! With appliques and a thick wadding inside, so warm!

Oh what a collection!^_^
There will be more so please come back again.

And in the meantime have a lovely day!