Thursday, 15 August 2013

Retro prints for the brave ones^_^

Something a lot different than butterflies, something not so sweet but rather daring..
Using rubber stamps of geometric shapes and textile inks in strong, bold colours I have created this retro cushions:

I have to say the job was a very messy and time consuming one. Nevertheless very enjoyable and fun!^_^

The heart for example is made up a lots of triangles, stamped one by one.
Once the first colour was applied I had to wash and dry the stamp in order progress to the next colour, then back again to the first colour.

This design was more thought through:

This item can be purchased HERE

This one however was more unplanned, random, see- what- comes- out- of- it kind.
I have to say it is my favourite^_^

This item can be purchased HERE

And what are your thoughts? I would love to hear your opinions.



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