Sunday, 4 September 2016

Geisha Style Inspired Kimono Dresses and The New Me

Hello dear friends,

Sewing a kimono is pretty easy and the way to really show off your creative side and skills is in the fabric choice and there are some many stunning prints and types of fabrics to go for. I had sewn two kimono dresses over the summer and worn them both proudly:).

This post features my new kimonos, much loved rose hair accessories that are the perfect finishing touch and my new hair colour.

I went through a much needed hair makeover back in spring and now my hair is short platinum blonde and I love it.:)

The last time I got to dress up my long reddish brown hair in roses...

These beautiful hair accessories come from Crown And Glory

And finally here are my new kimonos.. Styled and ready to hit the town:)

Very colourful and summery floral fabric

This floral fabric was a cheaper option as it's polyester blend. I loved the colours as soon as I laid my eyes on this pretty fabric!


This kimono dress was a bit more expensive to make, I used very light weight silk with geometric abstract print.

Beautiful geometric print and sheer feel of the fabric

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