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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Royal Blue Loose Sleeveless Shirt

Finally, here it is! My new shirt in a very light and summery royal blue fabric.  

I designed it with sleeves, however, I had only bought enough fabric for one sleeve and when I went back to the shop this particular colour sold. As impatient as I am and couldn't wait for it to be back in stock, I went for a sleeveless design instead.. 

This sleeveless shirt in an awesome royal blue fabric has a contrast fuchsia pink top stitching detail and also (two first times for me) features hidden button placket and side french seam- both figured out as I carried on with this project.

And here styled with fuchsia pink clutch and obi leather belt. I just LOVE royal blue and fuchsia pink coupled together for this beautiful contrast. 

 And of course my lime green coat that goes with so many outfits had to accompany this look too!^_^

I have to admit I did consider one sleeve shirt.. thinking I could start a new trend:).

Thanks for popping over.