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Friday, 20 September 2013

In the celebration of autumn

    I fell in love with this orange/  teracotta/ dark peach ( (call it what you like) colour.
And no doubt as autumn can be felt in the air more and more, it is the perfect colour for this season too, isn't it??
I know it's cold and rains a lot more but on days when the sun shines and we find ourselves wrapped in the autumn blanket in the shaded of orange/ red/ yellow/ brown , you have to admit that really is something quite beautiful.
 I was born in autumn maybe that's why the scenery appeals to me so much. I love it^_^

Anyway as a continuation of my recent animal print orange covers, this time I came up with screen printed polka dot and block stamped flower cushion covers.
And they are quite pretty, aren't they?
 Each cover measures 16'' x 16'' and the insert size needed for them is 18'' x 18''.