Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Revamp your clothes

This is a shirt I made for the military fashion project at college. I've always liked it but have never worn, it might have look good for a fashion show or a photo shoot but I found it too theatrical for a daily wear. Six years later I say it's time to revamp it!


Photograpy by Orange Lemur 

Photograpy by Orange Lemur 

Photograpy by Orange Lemur 

And today my shirt looks like this:

I added a zip closure and removed the military buttons and blue and gold cords. The stand up mandarin collar now turns down:

The sleeves  became much narrower and the long tight cuffs are turned up now with buttons:

And the back is plain now.

This is just a close up of my screen prints with hand embroidered french knots:

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