Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Revamp your wardrobe

Recently while decluttering my wardrobe, I found a lot of dresses that were pretty much new, I bought some of them on sale and others as impulse purchases.
I'd been reading a bit about body types and colour analysis and now I could see that the styles didn't fit my figure at all and the colours were completely wrong, no wonder these garments spent so much time just hanging in a wardrobe.
Unfortunately I worked through this project so fast that I forgot to take any before pictures..

You can see in my previous post that I've already revamped a shirt:  http://mycolourfultexture.blogspot.com/2015/04/revamp-your-clothes.html

This dress was made from below the knee pencil jersey skirt with side ruching and a loose tunic with a nice bra detail.

The ties look really nice crossed over the front:

Or can be tied at the back:

You can see the ruching here, it's a narrow hip friendly detail:

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